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Congratulations FF/EMT Tad Robison

Congratulations to Firefighter/EMT Tad Robison on his retirement! Tuesday March 30th was his last shift before he enjoys retirement and the next chapter in his life. Enjoy Brother and feel free to come back anytime and cook us a great meal!

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Members - Be sure to go to the politics page of our website for information you may need to know.

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Read this PDF on some very important information about Cardiac Arrests and how you can possibly help make changes!

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Grilling Safety

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Email addresses


Our email addresses are cloud based and UNLIMITED in size!

What does this mean? You can have as much email and folders as you want and lightening speed! 

Email addresses are available to those that wish to have one.

Your address would be for example: [email protected]

          Those interested please send request to [email protected]

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Safe Call Now

* Having thoughts of Suicide?
* Suffering from dependency or a substance abuse addiction?
* Need help but don't know where to go?
* Make a Safe Call today for help: 206-459-3020

Safe Call Now was established in April of 2009 in the hopes that no other officer, first responder or public safety employee should have to walk through a crisis alone. Follow the link to read more!

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Sign Up!

If you have not signed up for membership or are not receiving email alerts from F292, now is the time!  Important information on political action, special events, and membership meetings are sent out to members of this site.  If you have not taken the time to sign up, please do by following this link.  Registering takes only a minute and once your request is received, access will be granted the same day.

For those who have previously registered and are not receiving email, please click here and verify that your contact information and email address are correct.

Membership and email alerts are for current F292 members and Retirees.

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The leadership of Maryland's Kentland Volunteer Fire Department believes aggressive firefighting and firefighter safety go hand-in-hand. That's why they've joined the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation (NFFF) in this video launching a new campaign to further reduce the number of firefighters who die in the line-of-duty. Prince George's County Fire/EMS Department Chief Marc Bashoor calls Kentland a leader in helping make sure that "aggressive" and" safety" don't become mutually exclusive terms.
There is little doubt the most important element in firefighter safety is you, the firefighter. The contributing factors in the majority of firefighter deaths are the health of the firefighter, and the actions taken while responding to and returning from the scene of an incident. Make it your New Year's resolution to take personal responsibility in creating a safer environment for all firefighters. Join the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation in a new goal of vastly reducing the number of firefighters injured, and to lower the number of line-of-duty deaths each year to below 50.

The fire service over the last decade has been able to consistently reduce the number of LODDs annually to fewer than 100. We've chosen 50 as the next benchmark on the way to eliminating all preventable firefighter deaths-so that truly, Everyone Goes HomeĀ®.

This new goal was inspired by the work of firefighters and fire service leaders at the Tampa 2 Firefighter Life Safety Summit in March, 2014. The just-released Summit Report reaffirms that the 16 Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives (established at the first Watch the video...Summit in 2004) are still valid and should remain the blueprint for reducing firefighter injuries and deaths.

In this video, Kentland's officers and other fire service leaders talk about many of the key points addressed at the Tampa 2 Summit. These include not only personal responsibility, but accurate risk assessment, and the important role the company officer plays in safety and accountability. Watch the video and read the report...and resolve to do your part to reduce firefighter line-of-duty deaths.

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Check out a quick link to current DoD Fire Service job postings.

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Baptism by Fire

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Denver Fire Department: Leadership So Everyone Goes Home

As we begin the weekend lets all take a moment to watch this video. Lets make sure we are all safe and everyone goes home! Stay Safe Brothers.

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Mobile Friendly

Most of our members are on the go and not sitting in front of a computer. Our website content (public and member secured), shift/events calendar, document library and member alerts are all available on the go!

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Fallen Firefighters

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